What’s Your Mobile App “Situation”? – 83th Edition

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Written by: Molly Lane, Marketing Specialist

Harnessing Mobile Trends

It’s virtually impossible to ignore the buzz around mobile platforms these days and these mobile trends are particularly relevant to marketers. As customers demand their content be delivered in new ways, it creates new opportunities for vendors and affiliates.

As you look at mobile as a new channel to consider for your business, a few facts stand out as outlined in an article from eMarketer:

  • Almost everyone is mobile as evidenced by mobile penetration in the US weighing in at nearly 80%.
  • Device and platform enhancements lead to new usage methods, creating more opportunities for marketers to reach their customers.
  • Smartphones are on the rise. Half of mobile users are expected to have smartphones by the end of 2011.
  • Mobile Internet adoption and usage is increasing. As a result, voice is becoming less relevant, and data is proving to be more important than ever.
  • Mobile is changing the way we communicate. Social networks are quickly becoming the primary way mobile users exchange information.
  • Mobile content is growing, and will continue to grow. With an increase in demand for mobile content as well as an increase in the amount of mobile content available, the need to pay for that content either through user fees or advertising is also growing. This content includes apps, games, news, digital products and much more.

So, what do these trends mean for you and your business? For vendors, these mobile trends present new ways to reach customers of existing products, as well as creating new opportunities altogether. One way to take advantage of a new opportunity is to create an app complementary to your product or niche. For affiliates, the growth of mobile applications means new ways to promote products through mobile advertising, and the chance to reach an entirely new customer base.

The App “Situation”

Last month, MTV reality star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino launched his own app designed to provide the user information, entertainment and location tracking to help them find the gyms, tanning salons and laundry facilities that are so essential to his life and image. Additionally, his app offers games, tips and the ability for users and fans to text with Sorrentino directly.

Although this app is an example taken from pop culture, it also showcases the success of taking a product or image and turning it into an application to increase customer value, all while increasing sales. Within a week of its September release, The Situation app shot to the list of top 10 grossing entertainment apps in Apple’s marketplace. The Situation app costs $4.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Apps and Your Business

Adding an app to your product mix can serve a variety of purposes. Looking for additional revenue streams for your business? An app can do that. Do you want to build your brand name across a larger and more diverse user base? An app can do that. Interested in expanding into different channels (i.e., mobile)? An app can do that. Thinking of adding complementary offerings to an existing digital product? An app can do that.

There are countless ways you can use mobile applications for business, and this holds true across virtually every niche. For example, if you have a product in the heath and fitness niche, you may want to consider creating an app with functionalities like gym locating capabilities, workout routines, a nutrition plan, a diet log – really, the opportunities are endless. If you have a travel-related info product, for example, you may want to consider creating a location-based app. If you create or promote gaming products, you may want to consider creating a gaming app for your customer base.

Whether you plan to monetize your app by making it a paid version or through advertising, or if you’d simply like to offer it up for free to increase brand recognition, drive adoption and grow your customer base, it’s something worth considering. With the rapidly growing mobile environment, now is as good a time as any to take a good look at your business and your offerings to decide how to harness mobile trends and use them to your advantage.

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By Molly Lane, ClickBank

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