How to Get 40-75% Profits From Contextual Ads

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It’s not a secret that context ads are an excellent way to get additional income from your site. Google AdSense and Yahoo are current leaders in this market and pay fairly high amounts per click. But is there a way to get more for the leads generated from your site than just a few cents (in most cases)? Yes, there is but it’s not for everyone!

So, let’s take a look at couple scenarios that will hopefully help you determine what type of context ads you should use:

1. If you have an informational site with nothing to sell or a site you are using to attract certain type of visitors than Google AdSense or Yahoo Ads are for you. They require minimum involvement from you to get them running and are not competing with what you have to offer.

2. If your website used to sell any type of product, be it an informational or some hard goods you have to be very careful placing above mentioned ads on your site. There is a very good chance that competing products will be displayed there and instead of getting your product sold – you loosing customer when they click on one of the ads. What about sites that are not accepted into programs mentioned above due to their targeting to a very specific customer niche? If this sounds like you – than you should read this article.

First and foremost let me explain my idea of why AdSense or Yahoo ads could be damaging to your online business.

You have build your site, worked hard to make it Search Engine Optimized, add a content targeting you customer base, perhaps even use one of the PPC services to get those customers to your pages, where you present your sales campaign with a full force. You rightfully expect results, since you worked so hard, doesn’t matter what type of results: be it a product sale, newsletter sign-up, paid membership or any other form. You get the idea. Now let’s look at visitors that come to your page. For the sake of simplicity I will split them into 3 distinct categories:

1. Directly targeted customer. He has come to your site in search of exact information or service you have to offer. How he got there is not important and I leave it up to your imagination. This one is almost guaranteed to become your customer as long as he found what he needed. Not likely to be distracted, although it could happen.

2. An accidental visitor. He got to your site by pure chance, click on search engine or any other means. What you have to offer doesn’t interest him and he is just glancing. If you are extremely good marketer – you might be able to convert him into customer but chance are that 99 out of hundred will simply leave your site. I’m not even going to waste my time on this group.

3. A searching customer. He has come to your site searching for something that falls into same category as what you are offering but he is looking. He likes what he sees on your site but due to his nature he is not sure … he feels that your carefully crafted sales pitch is getting to him … he is almost ready to take the action you want him to … and at same time he feels been sold and just looking for ANY way (excuse) to get away from it. Here comes into play contextual ads from one of the services mentioned above that in most cases will offer an ad from you direct competitor. He sees it and decides to investigate, clicks on ad and he is gone from your site! You might have gotten a few cents or dollars but you just lost a customer. I hope you are happy with results and satisfied with a small chunk of change you just got from that ad!

There is a way to fix that situation! People will always click on ads and you cannot stop it short of not having any on your site! How about another option: still use ads that present information to same category of people that visit your site but are not competing with your offer? And how about getting a 40-75% of profits from each sale generated by these ads?

Here is what I use on couple of my niche sites. It requires some basic technical knowledge and ClickBank account. If you don’t have one just go and register – it’s free. Once you complete registration you have the ability to sell affiliate products from ClickBank market place and get the commissions from each sale. Average commission is about 50%. Only we will do the sales intelligently and have them displayed in form of context ads on your site. I offer a quick review of couple scripts that could be easily installed on your site and get you the profits you deserve:

1. CBQuickAds. Script is free to download and extremely easy to use. Once installed all you have to do is specify your click bank account and a category of CB market place to be displayed on your site. It will automatically pull current available products and show them on your site. You can control what products are displayed by using variable to make sure that your competition is not shown, although it’s not guaranteed.

Pluses: Easy to install and setup. Fully automated solution.

Minuses: You can’t control what exactly is shown. Only supports text ads.

Author of the script offers a “pay for” solution that creates a directory from CB market place but its not what we need and who wants to pay when you can have something fro free.

2. Ads-Rotator. Script is very easy to install and use. Comes with a list of ads from CB market place ready to use, just replace the account with yours and start generating sales. Has an admin interface through which you can ad or remove any ads or affiliate links and not just ClickBank. Gives you an option to use horizontal or vertical ads. Supports any type of ads be it a text ads or a banner rotators.

Pluses: Easy to install and setup. Can be used as advertisement solution for your entire site. Has an easy to use admin interface with reporting of number of clicks generated by each ad. You have full control of what ads are displayed.

Minuses: Not fully automated. Not free.

This is a solution I use myself and highly recommend to anyone.

And now I would like to invite you to claim your free instant access to Expert WordPress blog installer package that will enable you to create a blog as described above even if you never created a single page! Presented to you courtesy of Alex Sysoef it will push you to blog for profit with minimum hurdle.

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